WJS & Associates, Inc
Contact us at (410) 202-2946 or by fax at (443) 926-9941.  Questions or comments?  Email us at info@wjsandassociates.com
WJS & Associates specializes in partnering with other firms and institutions on
projects which may involve outside consulting, project management, development
planning, general construction, land development planning, and general real estate
development services, including but not limited to local and state governments.

Clients of WJS&A call upon our three decades of expertise to coordinate and provide
predevelopment services, master planning, highest and best use studies, property
evaluations, and other conceptual proposals or research information.

Our development experience will guide or validate complex real estate matters by
providing the following real estate development consulting services:

•        Market/Financial Feasibility Assessments

•        Strategic/Economic Development Planning

•        Developer Solicitations/Evaluations

•        On-Site Project Management

•        Implementation/Packaging Assistance

•        Work-Out/Revitalization Strategies

•        Deal Structuring & Negotiating Agreements

•        Procuring Project Financing

•        Neighborhood Revitalization Plans

The Company’s public, private and non-profit clients include city and county
administrators, planning directors, economic development officers, urban renewal
and redevelopment administrators, corporate real estate executives, non-profit
community development directors, religious and civic organizations and private
sector clients.   With the continually changing focus of our public sector work, much
of our assignments have shifted from downtown/public/private development efforts
to include planning/packaging services for low/mod scattered site vacant housing
and urban infill projects, non-profit drug treatment programs, and complex
adaptive reuse programs.

WJS&A is committed to the revitalization of downtown and historic areas and
reversing the decline of inner-city neighborhoods.  This cause-oriented expertise
has developed through a long term involvement with historical preservation and
sensitivity to neighborhoods and communities confronted with the broad
complexities of rapid socio-economic change.
Phone:  (410) 202-2946
(443) 926-9941