Gaudenzia Residential Treatment Center
WJS&A recently completed a 32,000 square foot residential
treatment facility in the Park Heights community of Baltimore
City.  The facility was designed and developed in conjunction
with the operator, Gaudenzia, Inc., and is located at Woodland
Avenue, just off of Reisterstown Road.  A separate 3,500 square
foot building was also constructed on the site to serve as a
storage facility for the treatment center.  The project began with
the demolition of an existing 90,000 square foot building  and
WJS&A also supervised the project and construction
management of the new facility throughout the process.  The
new treatment facility was delivered in the Fall of 2006.

Gaudenzia is a leader in the residential treatment industry with
a mission statement of helping people, “…affected by chemical
dependency, mental illness and related conditions to achieve a
better quality of life-allowing them to live as productive and
accountable individuals…”  The Gaudenzia Treatment Facility
at Woodland Ave will further their cause by housing 120
recovering men and women.  The treatment program will last for
a period of eighteen months, and upon release, it is their hope
that the individuals will leave the facility with a strengthened
focus on their jobs, their families, and for continued abstinence.  
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